5 things not to forget when choosing a meeting room

When your company books you into a fancy hotel for a series of meetings, you kind of forget what the purpose of you being there is. This is because the chic atmosphere caters for every purpose – leisure and business, and you’re there for both.

When choosing a conference venue for staff at K West Hotel & Spa Conference Rooms, you want a place that is conducive to successful staff meetings as well as scheduled appointments for business people.

If you want to present your staff or clients with new products or new project ideas, you’ll want the right environment – ample space, a place where everyone can hear and where everyone is comfortable.

We’ve put 5 important things not to forget when choosing a meeting room that ensures a creative, successful meeting –

◆Different Rooms for Different People

You want to understand the type of meeting and the type of people meeting there. You’ll need to design and equip the room to meet the needs of the people.

◆All Powered Up

The best conference room has well set up technology for productive interactions with everyone, even those who can’t be there. Face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible in the 21st century, and being powered up correctly fills the gap. Business VoIP, USB ports, cameras, Internet, videos – you want your meeting rooms outfitted with the latest technology to ensure everyone’s powered up.


Studies reveal over and over again that bland, traditional greys, light blues and white shades induce feelings of depression and feeling trapped. Cheerful yellow on the other hand, triggers creativity and innovation.

◆Table Choices

People are tired of- and averse to U-shaped style- or classroom-style seating options. It’s indicative of boring talks. A banquet set-up encourages one to ‘get to know’ the people at your table and it helps with knowing there’s going to be a break for refreshments in the programme. The layout оf conference rooms play an important role with table selection and should be based on the size of the group and the purpose of the conference. Round tables encourage discussion as no-one has to strain their necks to see the person talking.

◆Good Facilities

If your conference is a day long, an overnight event or a week-long event, you’ll need good accommodation and facilities. Some delegates might even need to continue their meetings and discussions when others have moved off to relax. Then rooms with desks and comfortable chairs ensure that delegates can be meeting and socializing wherever and whenever.

Of course, it goes without saying that the venue and meeting rooms cater for disabled delegates to, with easy access to the conference and leisure facilities.

As you walk into K West Hotel & Spa Conference Rooms, after a quick check-in, its off to find all the different rooms, and the calming atmosphere assures you that delegates will be both relaxed, creative and productive because of the right setting and facilities.

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