The History of the Embassy of Thailand, London

The whole purpose of having the Embassy of Thailand in London is to assist Thai citizens who come to the English city to live or to conduct business there. There are also Thai restaurants near Marble Arch, an iconic arch designed by architect John Nash and which is located close to Hyde Park near Speaker’s Corner.

In fact, the historic Marble Arch is a well-known and beloved gastronomic area where you can sample lots of cultural dishes. 

Foreign Service Officers interview citizens wanting to travel to London for tourism, education, or for business purposes. It is interesting to note that the Thai embassy is one of about 570 foreign representation ins the United Kingdom. 

The Thai Embassy is open Mondays to Fridays but they may well be closed on British and Thai public holidays. 

Where to find the Thai Embassy in London

The Embassy of Thailand is found at 29-30 Queen’s Gate. It’s been at this address since 1965. They provide a few consular services such as passports and visas as well as document legalization. 

They can also tell you about some of the best Thai restaurants in the area. You’ll hear names such as Addie’s Thai, Papaya Tree, Bali Bali, Spicy Basil, and Moonnite among many others. 

Thai people feel right at home when they tuck into the fresh, exotic, extravagant spices of their homeland and enjoy Thai fried rice and curries. 

Knowing where the Thai embassy in London is and finding out about Thai cuisine restaurants near Marble Arch are just one or two important finds in London to make life better for Thais in the UK’s most artistic hotspot city.

By Sdrawkcab at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Sdrawkcab at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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